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This site is intended for use by our clients in receipt of our written research, and in receipt of our electronically transmitted SPARCs, to allow them to obtain the disclosure of information required by various securities industry regulations. Applicable regulations allow certain disclosure information to be presented on this web site, rather than in a written research report, where that research report discusses six or more covered companies, or when a research report is transmitted electronically. The conflict of interest and other disclosures available on RBC Insight are valid as of the date that you access the disclosures. For the disclosures “as of” the date that a research report is published, please send a written request to RBC Capital Markets Research Publishing, P.O. Box 50, 200 Bay Street, Royal Bank Plaza, 29th Floor, South Tower, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2W7 or an email to rbcinsight@rbccm.com.

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