Media Contacts


*Note: If you are not a member of the media and are looking for information or assistance, please call:

Canada RBC Reception:    1-888-212-5533
U.S. RBC Reception: 212-618-3310
London RBC Reception: +(44) 207 653 4000



Media Contacts



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For media inquiries, please contact:

Kevin Foster 
Head of Communications,
RBC Capital Markets
Corporate Communications

New York 

Office: 212-428-6902, Email:

For media inquiries related to Canada, please contact:


Gillian McArdle
Office: 416-842-4231, Email:

Elyse Lalonde
Office: 416-842-5635, Email:

For media inquiries related to the U.S., please contact:

Sanam Heidary  
New York 

Office: 212-618-5589, Email:

Elisa Barsotti
New York
Office: 212-618-2057, Email:

Kait Conetta
New York
Office: 212-428-6409, Email:

For media inquiries related to Europe and Asia, please contact:


Louisa Fairman 


Office: +44 20 7029 7821, Email: