Asset Based Lending (ABL) is a way of providing fast-growing or highly leveraged companies with working capital. This form of financing is ideal for companies that are:

  • looking for growth financing
  • in an acquisition mode
  • in cyclically or seasonal industry
  • faced with a high leverage, outside of conventional lending criteria
  • experiencing restricted cash flows (ex. Due to cap on inventory)
  • need to refinance existing debt and/or
  • in a management or leverage buy-out situation

Why RBC?

RBC Capital Markets has over 50 experienced professionals in Canada and the United States with a proven ability to provide ABL solutions to companies of all sizes. RBC has been active in the North American ABL market since 1999.

Our ABL offering is a part of our full breadth of financial products and services RBC provides to companies, institutions, governments and high net worth individuals. It is the breadth of our offering and the depth of our people that affords us the ability to meet all the financial needs of our clients and has made us a leading corporate and investment bank.