In the Media

Media Contacts


Sanam Heidary

General Inquiries



Andrew Block

General Inquiries


Danielle Black

Investment Banking


Tony Maraschiello

Research, Equities, Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities



Elisa Barsotti

General Inquiries, FICC, Equities, Research


Cody Pan

Investment Banking, Munis


Europe / Asia Pacific

Mark Hermitage

General Inquiries (Europe)


Adam Lister

General Inquiries (Europe / Asia Pacific), Research, Investment Banking


Chloe Brooke

Equities, Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities


Yvonne Ball

General Inquiries (Asia Pacific)


If you are not a member of the media and are looking for information or assistance, please visit the Our Offices section for details on how to contact us.