5 Key Takeaways from Ask Our SickKids Experts: Virtual Care Evolves

Published April 11, 2022 | 60 min watch

Learn about the evolution of virtual care, when you should use it and when you should consider visiting a hospital.

We are proud to sponsor Ask Our SickKids Experts, an engaging, educational webinar series hosted by SickKids Foundation covering timely topics with world-class child health experts.

Our first sponsored event covered: Virtual Care Evolves. The use of smartphones, computers, and other devices to receive remote medical care of advice grew tremendously during the pandemic. Now, many parents plan to continue using virtual care for their children. Below are the five key takeaways from the event on how virtual care has evolved, when parents should consider using it, and when it’s better to visit a hospital.

Here are five key talking points and takeaways from the event:


Virtual care is granting people convenient access to high-quality care in real time.


Safe health-care delivery is still top of mind for providers of virtual care.


Virtual care is not designed to replace the use of in-person health-care services. It has a role in providing access to specialty expertise from SickKids directly into homes, communities, and other health centres.


Educational materials and guidance around virtual care have been created for health-care providers, patients, and families.


Virtual care has the potential to improve the experience and health outcomes for a wide range of patients.

Image of parent with child watching a video on a laptop - title Ask our SickKids Experts: Virtual Care Evolves video

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