RBC Capital Markets is an active player in the Power sector, providing liquidity and expertise in many North American electricity markets. We offer a full range of products that both producers and consumers can use for hedging. And, we harness the resources and knowledge across our Commodities group to provide heat rate and other cross-commodity products.

Experienced Professionals, Comprehensive Market Breadth

We provide access to major power markets across North America with a wide range of products including:

  • Financial and physical power
  • Heat rates
  • Custom load shapes
  • Options
  • Basis products
  • Structured financial products for long-term custom asset hedges

We specialize in the following energy markets:

  • PJM
  • New York ISO
  • New England ISO
  • Midwest ISO
  • Ontario
  • Other

Our Product Suite

  • Block energy forward sales
  • Fixed load shape
  • Financial swaps
  • Basis transactions
  • Power options
  • Heat rate options
  • Index based pricing
  • Heat rates

Our Team


Howard Sangwine

Howard Sangwine


Michael Drever

Managing Director


New York

Anthony D’Agostino