2024 Global Banking Research Outlook

By Gerard Cassidy, Jon Arfstrom, Anke Reingen, Darko Mihelic & Benjamin Toms
Published January 16, 2024 | 13 min listen

In this episode of the Industries in Motion podcast we are joined by members of our Global Banks team covering banks in the US (Gerard Cassidy, Jon Arfstrom), Europe/UK (Anke Reingen, Benjamin Toms) and Canada (Darko Mihelic).

On the back of (another) eventful year for the banks sector, we discuss the outlook for 2024 and industry dynamics across the different regions. Will profitability improve in light of potential changes in interest rates, soft/hard landing for the economy, updates to regulation, capital distributions, potential challenges in the mortgage markets and under what conditions can bank share prices outperform, are just some topics our banking experts address in our podcast. With an average experience of more than 20 years, our banks team has a wealth of experience to look back at to provide insights into what 2024 might bring.

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