A Bad Start, Perhaps Just Bad Enough

By Lori Calvasina
Published January 24, 2022 | 7 min listen

This week in the podcast, we run through early takeaways from 4Q21 earnings reporting season, a few new thoughts on the Growth/Value rotation, and an update on investor sentiment. Four big things you need to know: First, performance has been poor with 63% of S&P 500 companies falling significantly post results and companies missing on revenues getting hit hardest. Second, our transcript review suggests that labor is emerging as the new hottest topic, and that omicron disruption may have been greater than anticipated. Third, our valuation work suggests that progress has been made on the Growth rotation, but that it still has room to go. Fourth, retail investor sentiment is close to pandemic lows, a positive for stocks on a 12 month view.

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Lori Calvasina

Lori Calvasina
Managing Director & Head of U.S. Equity Strategy, RBC Capital Markets

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