The Not So Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Bulls

By Lori Calvasina
Published April 6, 2022 | 7 min read

Today in the podcast, we run through the results of our quarter investor survey, which we conducted from March 28th to 31st of 106 institutional equity investors. The big things you need to know: First, stock market bulls nearly vanished in our 1Q22 survey. Second, valuations, margins, the Fed, gas prices & Russia/Ukraine are weighing heavily on investors, but on Russia/Ukraine some of the more dire outcomes aren’t seen as probable, and opinions on recession are split helping explain why us equities have been rebounding. Third, we saw a cautious bent to positioning views. Fourth, the survey results reinforce our belief that the US equity market has already baked in a lot of bad news, at least in part, but that the onset of a recession or major broadening out/worsening of the Russia/Ukraine war are key downside risks to monitor.

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Lori Calvasina

Lori Calvasina
Managing Director & Head of U.S. Equity Strategy, RBC Capital Markets

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