Stocks Have Ignored A Recession Before, Inflation Discussions Fade

By Lori Calvasina
Published April 18, 2023 | 7 min listen

Today in the podcast, we tackle hot topics the most interesting things that crossed our desk last week. Three big things you need to know: First, some US equity investors have been frustrated that the stock market seems to be ignoring an upcoming recession, but it’s happened once before. Second, we are looking forward to an earnings season dominated by new hot topics, as the discussion about inflation and its underlying sources has begun to fade in company commentary. Third, a few other things that jumped out from our high frequency indicators last week are all more tactical in nature - elevated Nasdaq futures positioning, stabilization in Banks, better earnings revisions trends for Growth than Value, and the weakening rotation into non-US equities.

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Lori Calvasina

Lori Calvasina
Managing Director & Head of U.S. Equity Strategy, RBC Capital Markets

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