Netflix's Jessica Neal on Building a Culture of Innovation

By John Stackhouse
Published July 9, 2019 | 1 min read

Netflix’s Head of Talent Jessica Neal joined RBC’s John Stackhouse, Senior Vice President, Office of the CEO to discuss fostering a culture of innovation at RBCDisruptors.

Netflix may be the biggest disruptor of them all. Ten years ago, the company made most of its money sending DVDs by mail. Now, it’s bigger than Disney—the most valuable media company on earth. Jessica Neal is Head of Talent at Netflix, and it’s her job to maintain the company’s culture of innovation. She joined us at RBCDisruptors, live from the May 2018 C2 conference in Montreal to discuss.

About RBCDisruptors

RBCDisruptors is an ongoing speaker series hosted by the Office of the CEO and moderated by SVP John Stackhouse. The series is designed to bring leading thinkers into RBC to talk about major shifts in the world around us. Featuring thought-provoking sessions on digital technology, changing workplaces and big shifts in consumer behaviour, RBCDisruptors helps RBC, its clients and partners better understand these changes and stimulate conversation on how we can seize related opportunities.

John Stackhouse
Senior Vice President, Office of the CEO, Royal Bank of Canada