How to Build a Strong Tech Workforce in a Post-COVID Economy

By John Stackhouse
Published June 5, 2020 | 1 min read

Canadian companies were deeply challenged to find the right talent when entering the 2020s. Now, with the COVID crisis inciting massive layoffs and causing widespread unemployment, it seems inevitable that this demand – and our way of working – will change. Industry leaders are looking to tech companies to provide a foundation of innovative ideas and digital-first culture on which to build a stronger post-pandemic workforce. In this episode of RBC Disruptors, John Stackhouse speaks with Sheetal Jaitly, Founder and CEO of TribalScale and Eman Faiz, senior product designer at TribalScale. They discuss how tech companies can help disrupt the talent model as we rebuild our economy.

Canada has always had a place for talent from all over the world, but post-crisis, will our approach to acquiring global talent need to change? How do we ensure Canadian businesses and workforces are set up for success as the landscape of work has evolved? Innovation and design-centric thinking are key, and for companies of any size, so is building proactive, adaptive and agile teams. On this episode of RBC Disruptors, John Stackhouse is joined by Sheetal Jaitly, Founder and CEO of TribalScale and Eman Faiz, senior product designer at TribalScale to discuss:

  • How do we approach talent acquisition in a post-COVID society?
  • What strengths does the Canadian tech sector bring as we reimagine the economy?
  • Beyond hard and soft skills, what should companies look for in prospective candidates to drive success in a changing landscape?


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John Stackhouse

John Stackhouse
Senior Vice President, Office of the CEO, Royal Bank of Canada