Why Tech is Not too Big

By Vito Sperduto
Published December 7, 2020 | 6 min watch

Is a “big break up” in the cards for big tech in the U.S.? As the dominant tech companies outpace their smaller competition and gain market share with momentum, it is increasingly debated whether these tech giants need to be broken up or taxed. According to Vito Sperduto, our Co-Head of Global M&A, big tech companies do not need to be broken up and should be embraced as innovative and strategic partners. On October 23, Vito appeared on Bloomberg Surveillance with Bloomberg's Tom Keene and Lisa Abramowicz to discuss this perspective and his outlook on the tech sector.

Key Discussion Points

  • Are tech giants too powerful, and should they be broken up?
  • Does antitrust enforcement protect small businesses, preserve data privacy, and protect competition?
  • Will there be potential consolidation among financial firms?
  • What clients are thinking about with regard to M&A after the election?

“The larger players, like in any space, are getting the headlines, but there’s such a vibrant community below that in terms of the players that are developing new technologies. What’s interesting is if you look at some of the technologies that have just come to the forefront during this pandemic, and how quickly those valuations have jumped, as an overall sector it’s still an important driver.”

- Vito Sperduto, Co-Head of Global M&A, RBC Capital Markets

Vito Sperduto

Vito Sperduto
Co-Head, Global Mergers & Acquisitions, U.S.