ETF Innovators featuring Helen Hayes, iShares Canada

By RBC Capital Markets, LLC
Published June 5, 2023 | 6 min watch

Helen Hayes, Managing Director & Head of iShares Canada, sat down with us to discuss her thoughts on the broader ETF landscape. Helen walks us through what is driving the renewed interest in Fixed Income ETFs and how investors can use these ETFs as building blocks in their portfolios. Watch the full conversation to learn more.

About ETF Innovators

The ETF Innovators Interview Series shares ideas, perspectives and advice from industry leaders about exchange traded funds and the ecosystem at large. These short interviews seek to capture insights from those successfully navigating the fast-changing world of ETFs including topics such as disruptive industry and market trends, innovative technologies, investment strategy, leadership, company culture and more. The program features influential stakeholders including senior management teams, investors, and other key voices driving innovation across the entire ETF universe in Canada and abroad.

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