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At RBC Capital Markets, we make the link between strategy and economics. Our global team of economists and investment strategists highlight broader trends influencing markets by providing detailed economic analysis and forecasts for regions around the world. Those insights are complemented with forward-thinking ideas and clear recommendations to help clients create value across their portfolios and different asset classes.

Currency Our Currency strategists provide comprehensive fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis of global currencies in all the major economies. Coverage highlights include all G10 currencies and a selection of emerging markets, with short, medium and long-term forecasts and trade recommendations in both the spot and options market.
Commodities Our Commodity Strategy team delivers timely analysis of global commodity markets, grounded in an expert view on geopolitics issues and economic trends. The group uses fundamental and macroeconomic models to drive its analysis and forecasts covering the major energy and metals markets. The team’s published research spanning metals, energy and cross-commodity trends is built on both its quantitative models and its market leading view on the geopolitics of commodity markets.
Economics Our Economics Team delivers in-depth analysis of macro-economic topics through daily insights, thematic publications and actionable investment ideas. Coverage includes: economic forecasts, themes and events; the economics and politics of commodity-producing countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America; G10 macro-economic developments; and sector-specific recommendations.

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Rates Our Rates strategists provide technical, macro and quantitative analysis of global rates in all the major developed economies. Coverage highlights include strategic and tactical trade ideas for rate instruments (including government bonds, related derivatives, swaps and inflation instruments), a view on global interest rates, Canadian debt strategies for investors, and details on current global macroeconomic trends.
US Municipals We help investors understand key market, economic and political developments on the US municipal bond landscape. From state and local credit quality to regional economics, tax and legislative issues, our Municipals Strategy Team focuses on the key macro factors influencing the US municipal market. The team produces a range of publications including the RBC State Economic Chart book, which provides detailed economic profiles of all 50 US states.

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