Real Estate & The Energy Transition - Revenue Opportunities

By Nurit Altman and Rob Nicholson
Published October 6, 2021 | 13 min listen

The energy transition is expected to impact all facets of the global economy as many of the world’s largest economies have set ambitious net zero emissions targets. The pathway for Canada to reach net zero will involve innovative approaches to energy production and consumption, building temperature regulation, transportation and the and production of the goods and services that drive Canada’s economy. For those in the commercial real estate industry, a host of new opportunities and challenges present themselves as we transition to a lower carbon future.

On this episode of The Real Pulse, Rob Nicholson, Managing Director, Power, Utilities and Infrastructure Group, RBC Capital Markets, joined host Nurit Altman, Director, RBC Capital Markets Real Estate Group to discuss the energy transition and the new potential revenue opportunities for real estate owners.


Key takeaways


The time is now for the energy transition. In addition to the social imperative for this change, today there is a price for carbon emissions creating both a carrot and a stick and simultaneously providing an opportunity for new ideas.


Think about energy transition as the decarbonization of our energy resources. Energy is ubiquitous and it impacts every industry, so every industry needs to be aware of this shift and decide how they are going to capture the new opportunities that present themselves


EV charging stations are just one of the unique, new revenue stream opportunities for real estate owners as we transition to a green economy but there are many others and evaluating how your organization participates in this transition will be important to your future success.


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