Equity Derivatives

Getting our market knowledge first hand.

With its client-focused products, our Global Equity Linked Products business (GELP) offers creative equity-based derivatives products to major corporations, institutional clients and retail investors. From offices in New York, Toronto, Hong Kong and London, GELP delivers an array of high-value products to clients worldwide. For high net-worth and retail clients GELP offers asset protection, yield enhancement and personalized equity-linked investment strategies. For corporate clients GELP provides structured financing, leverage, hedging, stock repurchase programs and benefit plan enhancements. For institutional investors, GELP offers leverage, exposure to optionality and volatlity, and strategic structured investments.

GELP has achieved a strong presence in the Equity Derivatives market and has built a global service franchise by combining our ability to draw on the resources and the organizational depth of the Royal Bank of Canada (including its market, research, legal, tax and accounting professionals) with the Bank's Aaa rated balance sheet. GELP maximizes these synergies to provide innovative and competitve products and service.