Global Equity

RBC Capital Markets' Global Equity division represents an integrated team of professionals who draw on many areas of expertise to provide advanced trade execution services. We leverage our extensive capabilities to manage and advise on all aspects of the client trading strategy. With advanced proprietary technology, a global network of specialized professionals and extensive industry relationships, our clients gain an advantage in their quest for liquidity and best execution.

Our goal is to provide unparalleled sales and trading execution in all our target markets.

  • Broadest possible geographic coverage
  • Aggressive market making in target sectors
  • Continuous provision of liquidity

Sales and Trading Excellence

  • Ranked #1 in Canada in overall trading quality among the 30 largest institutions
  • Top 3 Market Maker in U.S. focus sectors 
  • Top ranked Sales Professionals in Canada 
  • Highest penetration of Canadian Equity and Global Mining Product to U.S. and European institutions
  • Recognized company and industry knowledge in U.S. focus sectors

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