RBC Fixed Income Notes are designed for Investors who are looking for an opportunity to enhance yield or wish to take a view on interest rates.


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RBC Fixed Income Notes are an important part of a portfolio because they provide investors with:

  • Principal protection at maturity guaranteed by the Royal Bank of Canada or other highly rated issuers
  • Customization for a particular view on interest rates
  • Potential to enhance returns and diversify against more traditional asset classes
  • Ability to hedge existing fixed income portfolios or against interest rate exposure
  • Earn potential tax efficient returns through Non Protected Return of Capital Securities

RBC Fixed Income Note offerings include:

  • Issuer Extendible Step-Ups
  • Issuer Extendible Zero Coupon Notes
  • Structured Floating Rate Notes
  • Yield Curve Notes
  • Daily Range Accrual Notes
  • Non Protected Bond Return of Capital Securities