Global Environmental, Social and Governance Conference

February 24-26, 2021

Leveraging Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage

With the rapid pace of change and accelerated focus globally, ESG is a significant force that will shape markets, corporate strategy and the global economy in 2021 and years to come.

As the value of ESG continues to grow, the only market certainty for investors and companies is accelerating change. Embrace it. Join us at #RBCESG2021 to hear from over 45 corporations on how they are meeting the ESG challenge and understand the perspective of global thought and business leaders.

Keynote Speakers

Connect with our Experts

In the fast-changing world of ESG, the right partners are paramount to spur sustainable innovation and to scale growth. Our Sustainable Finance Group works in partnership across our capital markets platform to integrate ESG factors into our business, delivering advice and solutions to our clients that also aim to have a positive impact on the world.

Sustainable Finance Group


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What are the dates for the conference in 2021?

February 24-26, 2021

How can I register and attend the conference?

Participation in this event is by invitation only. Please contact your RBC Capital Markets contact for additional details.

Can I receive a copy of the agenda?

The agenda is only available to registered guests.

Are company presentations available via webcast or livestream for those unable to attend?

Yes. You may obtain this information from your RBC Contact.