Investor Solutions & Structured Products

RBC Capital Markets offers index and bespoke investor products across the complete commodity spectrum. Our solutions and structured products meet the needs of sophisticated institutional investors that are seeking exposure to commodity markets through a highly rated counterparty.


We offer the following benchmark commodity indices in the form of swaps or notes:

  • S&P Goldman Sachs Commodity Index®
  • Credit Suisse Commodity Benchmark
  • Bloomberg Commodity IndexSM

These indices include sub-indices, sub-components and forward indices in Energy, Metals and Agriculture (grains, softs, livestock).


Custom solutions may be structured to client needs:

  • Rolling enhancements
  • Dynamic strategies
  • Bespoke weightings
  • Deferred contracts
  • Commodity baskets
  • Alpha strategies

Our Team

New York

Kathy Kriskey

Head, Commodity Investor Sales


Zach Watling




Chris Auffret

Vice President