RBC Fixed Income Notes are designed for Investors who are looking for an opportunity to enhance yield or wish to take a view on interest rates.

RBC Fixed Income Notes are an important part of a portfolio because they provide investors with:

  • Repayment of principal at maturity subject to the credit risk of the issuer guaranteed by Royal Bank of Canada or other highly rated issuers
  • Customization for a particular view on interest rates
  • Potential to enhance returns and diversify against more traditional asset classes
  • Ability to hedge existing fixed income portfolios or against interest rate exposure

RBC Fixed Income Note offerings include:

  • Issuer Extendible Step-Ups
  • Issuer Extendible Zero Coupon Notes
  • Structured Floating Rate Notes
  • Yield Curve Notes
  • Daily Range Accrual Notes
  • Non Protected Bond Return of Capital Securities

Tools and Education Material

The material on this website is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy Notes. The offering and sale of Notes may be prohibited or restricted by law in certain jurisdictions. Notes may only be purchased where they may be lawfully offered for sale and only through individuals qualified to sell them.


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RBC Fixed Income Notes are an important consideration for investors when forming an overall investment strategy.  Below is a general overview of Fixed Income Notes as well as educational summaries for different products found within the RBC Fixed Income Notes family. 

Fixed Income Notes

An overview of RBC Fixed Income Notes and how investors can include them in their overall investment strategy.

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Extendible Step Up Notes

One of the most popular products within the RBC Fixed Income suite of notes.  Extendible Step Ups offer investors above market returns in exchange for an uncertain maturity date. 

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