We offer investors a full range of US dollar, Canadian dollar, Sterling, Euro and Australian dollar rates and rate derivative products, all backed by timely insights and analysis from our global experts.

Our experience and flexible structure allows us to provide international rates capabilities that today’s investors need from a global investment bank.

Our interest rate offerings cover the G10 core currencies and all products across the following categories:


  • Bills
  • Bonds
  • Inflation-Linked
  • Notes
  • Provincials
  • STRIPs


  • Bullets
  • Callables
  • Discount Notes
  • Medium Term Notes (MTNs)


  • Interest Rates Swaps
  • Cross Currency Swaps
  • Basis Swaps
  • Interest Rates Options: Caps, Floors and Swaptions
  • Light Structures (Callable, CMS Linked, Range Accrual)
  • Fixed Income Notes

Fixed Income Notes

For investors looking to enhance yield, express a particular view on interest rates, or diversify or hedge existing investment portfolios, RBC has created a suite of Fixed Income Notes to address specific investor requirements.

Our Fixed Income Notes are an important part of a portfolio because they provide investors with:

  • Repayment of principal at maturity, subject to the credit risk of the issuer guaranteed by Royal Bank of Canada or other highly rated issuers
  • Customization for a particular view on interest rates
  • Potential to enhance returns and diversify against more traditional asset classes
  • Ability to hedge existing fixed income portfolios or against interest rate exposure
  • Earn potential tax efficient returns through Non-Protected Return of Capital Securities

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Fixed Income Notes

Fixed Income Notes