Aiden is an AI-based electronic trading platform that uses the computational power of deep reinforcement learning in its pursuit of improved trading results and insights for clients.

From Artificial Intelligence to Trading Intelligence

Unlocking and harnessing the power of state-of-the-art AI technology to create meaningful solutions for our clients.

How does Aiden work?

Aiden uses an advanced form of AI - Deep Reinforcement Learning (“Deep RL”) - to learn from its experiences in the market and adjust to changing trading conditions in real-time.

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"Aiden is a big scientific milestone, demonstrating that new technology based on reinforcement learning can succeed in complex environments."

Foteini Agrafioti

Head/Co-Founder | Borealis AI

What Makes Aiden so Powerful?

A proprietary global framework with four key components enables Aiden to continuously learn from its experiences in the market and adjust dynamically to trading conditions in real-time. Aiden is proactive – it can anticipate changes in the market and respond to them leveraging its framework.

Deep Neural Network

Centralized Learning

Robust Reward System


Unique Features

  • A next-generation, AI-based electronic trading platform using Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Real-time learning on an action by action basis
  • Dynamically adjusts to actual market conditions
  • Discovers new trading relationships through data


Can better address increasingly complex, fluid markets to solve for client objectives.


Responsive to market changes in real time.


Aiden can anticipate events and take calculated action.

AI is part of the fabric of RBC


Our Commitment to Innovation

In partnership with our clients, RBC's long term vision and commitment to AI is driving future innovation.

Bringing Advanced AI to Capital Markets


RBC established a world-class AI research institute: Borealis AI

  • Founded in 2016 to pursue cutting-edge research
  • Focused on responsible AI, reinforcement learning and natural language processing
  • Over 100 researchers and engineers led by top academics in several fields of research
  • Solving for financial industry challenges, aiming for transformational solutions for businesses and individuals
  • Collaborates with academia and scientific communities for knowledge sharing and broader application of solutions for real-world impact

The best scientific talent

A long-term commitment to AI

Close partnership with clients

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Advances in AI

While AI has been in existence for over 50 years, it has only recently – with the development of Reinforcement Learning - advanced to a state where it has the potential to make a significant impact in optimizing electronic trading. RBC identified Deep Reinforcement Learning from the start as the most applicable AI science to apply to a trading platform aimed at delivering best possible execution quality. Deep Reinforcement Learning allows Aiden to execute actions against goals without the need for continuous manual optimization.

Evolution of AI: Creating New Opportunity


With scientific advances and improved data processing technology, commercial applications of Artificial Intelligence have started to develop in recent years. Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms are highly suited to managing complex data relationships such as in trading, and have the potential to scale to address problems that were previously unsolvable.


Robotics & Expert Systems


Supervised & Unsupervised Learning


Deep Reinforcement Learning


AI Insights

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