Our Global Electronic Trading team – comprised of traders, quantitative developers and market specialists – provides innovative products and services that empower clients to navigate market challenges. Our client-centric team delivers the best execution, trading and market structure information in the industry through continual innovation and refinements.



THOR is RBC’s patented smart order routing technology designed to improve execution quality, minimize information leakage and control trading costs. THOR interacts seamlessly with RBC’s streamlined algorithm suite, as well as DMA orders, Cash Desk and Program trades.

RBC Algo Suite

Our proprietary and powerful algorithmic trading suite uses our patented THOR routing technology


Utilizes THOR routing technology; manages display size using RBC’s proprietary posting logic.


Aggressively seeks liquidity while managing market impact.

RBC Eclipse

Uses stock-specific triggers to opportunistically source liquidity.

Implementation Shortfall

Follows a front-loaded schedule quantitatively optimized to balance market impact and opportunity cost.

RBC Closer

Attempts to achieve the Closing price while managing market impact.


Tracks volume at a specific participation rate.


VWAP follows a schedule based on current market conditions and the stock’s historical profile. TWAP follows a straight-line schedule.

RBC Dark

Dark aggregator which actively sources liquidity at carefully selected dark venues.

RBC Select

Liquidity seeking strategy that uses a single aggressiveness parameter to drive execution.

Market Structure Strategy

Behind every smart investment decision is smart research. Our industry-recognized Market Structure team researches the timeliest issues in the markets and assesses how those issues impact institutional investors, allowing our clients to stay ahead of evolving market trends.

Market Microstructure Strategy Consulting Our Market Structure Strategy group analyzes:
• Global exchange trends
• Market fragmentation
• Execution quality
• Evolving regulatory landscape
Market Regulation Insight Today’s regulatory environment requires that clients understand the effects of ongoing changes on market performance relating to:
• Senate Hearings on US Market Structure
• Pending regulatory initiatives
• Transparency across multiple asset classes
• MiFID II insight
High Frequency Trading Expertise Our industry-leading experts from both high frequency trading and technology providers analyze the global markets and work with our partners to educate them on the complex trading environment, including:
• Co-location
• Market data
• Latency analysis
• Order routing/execution
• Trends in predatory trading strategies
• Trading infrastructure

AI Insights

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