Equity Linked Products

Our Global Equity Linked Products (GELP) business offers creative equity-based derivative products for every type of investor. For high net-worth and retail clients, we provide asset protection, yield enhancement and personalized equity-linked investment strategies. For corporate clients, we deliver structured financing, enhanced participation, hedging, stock repurchase programs and benefit plan enhancements. And, for institutional investors, we offer leverage, exposure to optionality and volatility, and strategic structured investments.

Equity Derivatives

We have achieved a strong position in the equity derivatives market by building a global service franchise, which draws on the strength, network and A1 balance sheet of Royal Bank of Canada. We maximize these synergies to provide innovative and competitive equity-linked products and service.

Our derivative product suite includes:

Corporate and Institutional

Our experienced Global Corporate coverage teams – located across the globe in numerous key financial hubs including New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, London and Sydney – are dedicated to supporting corporate clients in their investor outreach strategies and execution. RBC Capital Markets arranges over 24,000 connections annually through instruments such as:

  • Equity Swaps
  • Equity Monetization
  • Margin Loans & Forwards
  • Employee Stock Option Plans
  • Convertible & Exchangeable Bonds
  • Share issuances & share repo instruments
  • Repackaging strategies

Retail and High Net Worth

  • Puts, Calls & various combinations thereof
  • Participation products linked to Equities, Funds & Futures
  • Yield Enhancement products with fixed or conditional coupons
  • Principal Protected structures
  • Asset allocation solutions
  • Market access products
  • Monetization solutions like Variable Prepaid Forwards & Collars

Structured Products

Our team of highly-experienced professionals design customized retail structured notes for investors and their advisors worldwide. Our solutions provide access to all asset classes – including equities, fixed income, credits, funds, commodities and foreign exchange – and come in various wrappers such as Notes (often issued by RBC), SPV, OTC and Certificates. We tailor solutions to the needs of clients, combining their market views as well as the most appropriate wrapper that meets regulatory and tax requirements.

  • Different asset classes, participation, principal protection and yield structures
  • Asset allocation solutions
  • Proprietary index structures
  • Volatility target structures
  • Correlation and dividend structures

Regional Structured Notes Sites