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April 30, 2024


Divergence - real or imagined?!

  • Peter Schaffrik (Desk Strategy), Head of UK/European Rates & Economics
  • Blake Gwinn (Desk Strategy), Head of US Rates Strategy
  • Jason Daw (Desk Strategy), Head of North America Rates Strategy
  • Cathal Kennedy (Desk Strategy), Senior UK Economist
  • Su-Lin Ong (Research), Chief Australia Economist
  • Elsa Lignos (Desk Strategy), Head of FX Strategy

* Research Analyst opinions are their published views, independent of those expressed by Desk Analysts

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Christophe Coutte

Christophe Coutte
Head of Macro, Equity and Algo Trading Europe

Edward Dickinson

Edward Dickinson
Head of Corporate Banking Europe and Australia and Leveraged Finance Europe

Dominic Hudson

Dominic Hudson
Head of European & APAC Investment Banking

Sian Hurrell

Sian Hurrell
Global Head of Sales and SRM, European Head of Global Markets

Graeme Pearson

Graeme Pearson
Global Head of Research, Head of European Equities

Rob Lamb

Rob Lamb
Head of Debt Capital Markets and Syndicate

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