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M&A in Europe: The Buyer’s Market of 2023

Dealmakers are biding their time amid continued volatility. With prices potentially trending lower, strategic M&A opportunities await in...

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The Carrot and The Stick: US vs European Approaches to the Battery Value Chain

While the US is incentivizing battery production at home, Europe is focused on ensuring origin and digital product passports. In order to...

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European Markets with Peter Schaffrik - February

In this episode, Peter discusses the shift in sentiment and what impact on market pricing it will have, if it is to continue. Peter also...

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RBC FusionTM: Electrolyser Tracker

RBC Capital Markets’ Equity Research Team is exploring the metallic composition of typical electrolyser stacks and discussing the...

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How Investment Challenges Are Holding Gigafactories Back

Although the case for gigafactories is clear, investment is lagging as significant upfront costs and thorny challenges put larger...

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Companies and investors look for positive signals in macroeconomic data

On equity and debt capital markets, the combination of rising inflation and falling economic growth represent a perfect storm of...

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The future of green and blue hydrogen

The targets have been set for hydrogen as a fuel of the future in Europe. But can funding and support do enough to drive adoption?

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Charging Europe’s battery market with private placements

Private placements are set to play a key role in financing Europe’s multi-trillion-dollar transition to a battery-powered society.

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