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Companies and investors look for positive signals in macroeconomic data

On equity and debt capital markets, the combination of rising inflation and falling economic growth represent a perfect storm of headwinds. But even in a downturn, companies need to raise capital and pent-up supply will ensure a quick recovery when conditions improve.

The future of green and blue hydrogen

The targets have been set for hydrogen as a fuel of the future in Europe. But can funding and support do enough to drive adoption?

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Charging Europe’s battery market with private placements

Private placements are set to play a key role in financing Europe’s multi-trillion-dollar transition to a battery-powered society.

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Inside the UK’s take-private boom

Public-to-private transactions have surged in recent months, driving an increase in competing bids and heightened scrutiny from regulators.

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Key issues for infrastructure investors

From financing to ownership models, as well as navigating the current economic climate, infrastructure investors are finding great solutions for stable investments.

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Is EV Charging Counted as Infrastructure?

As European countries commit to phasing out diesel and petrol vehicles, EV charging networks will become the new necessary infrastructure.

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Europe’s battery value chain: Unlocking a new wave of convergence

The race to net zero has accelerated a new wave of convergence across Europe’s evolving battery sector, with a whole range of sectors working together to create a viable battery value chain.

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What Does Infrastructure Mean to Investors Today?

Infrastructure has expanded as an asset class, from traditional power and utilities, into renewables, new technologies and digital networks.

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