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RBC's geopolitical expert Helima Croft and the global research team decode the evolving power dynamics around critical energy, commodities, security and climate issues.

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CNBC: Worldwide Exchange

Helima Croft appeared on CNBC this morning to discuss whether oil prices will pick up back into the $100+ range, how the market is more focused on Powell than Putin, but that investors should lose focus on the Iran story.

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New threats emerge one year into the Russia-Ukraine war

A multi-year war brings further headaches for energy markets and the wider economy, while risks of a wider conflict grow.

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Policy and diplomacy in the critical mineral era

Critical minerals are essential for a successful energy transition. But can the US and its Western allies secure resources of these materials while avoiding the governance issues that have plagued fossil fuel production?

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One year on: How Russia's war changed the global economy

Helima Croft joins Beyond Business to discuss how one year of war has redirected energy trade flows, exacerbated food insecurity around the world, and stoked growing concerns of a shortfall in defense equipment.

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2023 Geopolitics Preview: Wartime Sky

A Look Ahead at Key Geopolitical Issues Affecting Energy Markets

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OPEC+ and G7 Price Caps: Watch and Wait

OPEC+ opts to stay the course on the eve of the EU sanctions launch.

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