Gold – Some Caution Warranted

RBC’s Markets in Motion is the weekly podcast from Lori Calvasina, Head of US Equity Strategy at RBC Capital Markets, highlighting her latest views on the US equity market. This week, we are excited to have Chris Louney, Commodity Strategist on RBC’s Global Commodity Strategy and MENA Research team, guest hosting this week’s episode while Lori is out.

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By Lori Calvasina
Published June 21, 2024 | 1 min read

Three big things you need to know:

First, while gold prices have had a strong rally this year, having hit record highs last month, we remain cautious. We think that gold is overvalued from the perspective of a number of key macro drivers and that there are some unrealized vulnerabilities to the pillars of gold’s rally. While we are cautious, it’s more because we do not think gold should be at such high levels just yet.

Second, while May and June have seen a less weak and more rangebound trend for gold-backed ETPs, we are not convinced that investors are beginning to follow through just yet. Investors sold their gold holdings as prices rallied, and we’ve yet to see a sustained return to buying.

Third, central bank demand has been a key pillar to the gold rally but as China’s pause in purchasing showed, there are vulnerabilities. To be clear, we still think that central bank demand will continue to be strong, but there are reasons to be cautious on the volume at record prices and after such a sustained period of strength.

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Lori Calvasina
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