Global Technology, Internet, Media and Telecommunications

November 14-15, 2023

Resilience and Renewal

Through 2023, the TIMT sectors have weathered the macro headwinds of rates, inflation, recessionary fears and geopolitical turmoil. As investors favor near-term profitability and positive cashflows, companies show a resolute focus on operational efficiency. The challenging IPO environment has also driven firms to explore strategic alternatives to M&A, and private equity remains active.

Looking forward, technology is still positioned as the main secular driver of economic growth. Trillions in tech spending is anticipated over the next decade and innovations in generative AI should drive the re-platforming of entire industries. Join us at #RBCTIMT to see who has the resilience and vision to drive the TIMT sectors forward in the years ahead.

Macro Outlook

Operational Efficiency

Generative AI

Industry Re-platforming

Tech M&A

Keynote Speakers

Image of Michelle Zatlyn

Michelle Zatlyn

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Cloudflare, Inc.

Image of Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas

Senior Vice President, Software and Chief Commercial Officer, IBM

Image of Bruce Ross

Bruce Ross

Group Head, Technology & Operations, Royal Bank of Canada

Matthew Hedberg

Software Analyst, RBC Capital Markets

RBC Equity Research Analysts


RBC TIMT Conference 2022

Highlights from last year's conference


How can I register and attend the conference?

Participation in this event is by invitation only. Please contact your RBC Institutional Salesperson for additional details.

Can I receive a copy of the agenda?

The agenda is only available to registered guests.

Are company presentations available via webcast or livestream for those unable to attend?

Yes. You may obtain this information from your RBC Contact.