Girls Write Now is Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders

Girls Write Now uses writing, mentoring, and community to help young women and gender-expansive youth inspire change and become the leaders of tomorrow.

By Stephanie Gordon
Published January 17, 2024 | 2 min read

Key Points

  • For over 25 years, Girls Write Now has proved that strong writing and communication skills are crucial to developing the next generation of writers and leaders.
  • Through mentoring programs and community-based skills development, Girls Write Now prepares young adults from systemically underserved communities with social-emotional learning that leads to life-changing opportunities.
  • As a long-term nonprofit partner, the RBC Foundation USA proudly supports Girls Write Now‘s intensive yearlong skills development and mentoring programs.
Stephanie Gordon is a Director or Corporate Banking at RBC Capital Markets. She has served on the Girls Write Now Partnership Committee and recently joined the Board of Directors.

Historically, female and gender-expansive youth have had limited access to opportunities and resources necessary to get ahead academically and professionally.

One of the RBC Foundation USA’s long-term partners, Girls Write Now, is helping correct these inequalities. With a focus on writing and community-building, they are providing underrepresented youth with tools, opportunities, and mentors to develop fundamental life and career skills.

When I first learned about Girls Write Now, it reminded me of my mentors in high school who recognized my potential and went out their way to share knowledge and resources that helped me achieve ambitious goals. My powerful connection with the Girls Write Now mission compelled me to become an advocate and volunteer, joining the Partnership Committee and, most recently, becoming a board member.

The power of mentorship and social-emotional learning

Mentoring is a critical tool for bridging racial, gender and socioeconomic gaps by expanding access to information, opportunities and support systems that aren’t always there for many young people. From a business perspective, mentoring is how we can help break down barriers, identify overlooked talent and nurture it.

What is unique about Girls Write Now programming is its focus on social-emotional learning, which is an important factor in helping young people improve their positive identity and grow socially. Research shows that when young people succeed in these areas, they achieve positive long-term outcomes such as improved academic performance and they’re less likely to get involved in negative risk-taking behaviors.

Supporting personal and professional growth

Support from the RBC Foundation USA directly funds Girls Write Now’s intensive yearlong skills-development programs, including Writing 360, Publishing 360, Pathways 360, and Lead 360. These programs use a multi-medium curriculum to help young people build the writing, communication, and digital skills that will propel them to success at school and in any career track today.

The Girls Write Now mentoring process matches mentees with caring, successful, dedicated adult mentors who are there to provide professional guidance, encouragement, and support throughout the program. Often these relationships extend far beyond the length of the program.

The Girls Write Now community itself is an integral part of the program and a lifelong connection for many participants. There are group meetings, workshops, strategic networking, and professional development events that connect young people to a diverse and safe group of peers who continue to support each other through school, careers, and life.

Recognized as one of the nation’s top youth programs

Since 1988, Girls Write Now has served over 50,000 young adults from underserved communities across the U.S. As an incredible example of its success, Girls Write Now sends 100 percent of its seniors on to college.

Many alumni have received writing awards and have published in outlets such as The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Teen Vogue. They have also performed at the Lincoln Center and the United Nations.

Girls Write Now ranks among the top programs nationwide for youth social-emotional growth and among its many accolades, it was twice honored by the White House as one of the nation’s top youth programs.

Transforming lives together

Girls Write Now's mission aligns with RBC Capital Markets and RBC Foundation USA's vision of promoting diversity, inclusion, acceptance, and success in empowering youths to reach their full potential.

As part of our purpose to help clients thrive and communities prosper we actively support Girls Write Now and are thrilled to be part of their ongoing success. We’re committed to helping ensure Girls Write Now has the resources to continue developing, enhancing and expanding the impactful community work they do.

Girls Write Now
Founded:  1998
Based:  New York, New York
Cause: Empowering young women and gender-expansive youth.
RBC Foundation USA partner since: 2018

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Stephanie Gordon
Director, Corporate Banking

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