MSK Kids and the RBC Initiative in Pediatric Immuno-Oncology

More than two decades of support for pediatric cancer care and research

Published April 29, 2024 | 1 min read

Although pediatric cancers are considered rare, they are the leading cause of disease-related death in children. Due to their rarity, it can be challenging to get an accurate and timely diagnosis, connect with experienced pediatric cancer physicians, and receive effective treatment.

MSK Kids, the pediatric cancer program at MSK, cares for nearly 4,000 children, teens, and young adults with cancer each year — more than any other pediatric program in the country — and their research makes a global impact.

Immunotherapy boosting the body’s ability to recognize and destroy cancer cells wherever they may be in the body has become an important pillar of cancer treatment. It is revolutionizing the treatment of many types of cancer in adults, but its use in children has been limited.

The RBC Initiative in Immuno-Oncology was created to address this challenge. Funds raised by RBC through Race for the Kids, Cycle for Survival and the RBC Foundation USA all support this vital program:

  • MSK Kids is the sole beneficiary of RBC Race for the Kids. What started as a single event in 2009 has grown into an extraordinary international effort, raising millions to date for youth charities around the world. Since 2022, the New York race, presented with New York Road Runners, has raised $2.5 million for MSK Kids.
  • Since 2013, RBC Capital Markets has raised more than $2 million for Cycle for Survival, MSK’s team stationary-cycling fundraiser for rare cancer research. This year, more than 180 employees participated in cities around the U.S. and Toronto. We were honored to receive Cycle for Survival’s 2023–2024 Game Changer Award for Corporate Team of the Year. The Award is presented annually to members of the MSK community in recognition of their leadership, generosity, and unwavering dedication to Cycle for Survival’s mission to beat rare cancers.
  • Since 2023, RBC Foundation USA has been a proud supporter of MSK Kids through RBC’s Initiative in Immuno-Oncology.

Additionally, over the past two years, eight employees ran the New York City Marathon with Fred’s Team, MSK’s running program. Together, they raised over $35,000 and directed their funds to areas of greatest need, including to lung cancer, colon cancer, pediatric bone marrow transplantation, and lymphoma.

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