Financial Technology Conference

June 14, 2022


FinTech Unleashed - "Back into Wild"

In 2021, total fintech investment increased 68% year over year to a record $210 billion. But given the volatile macro environment and shifting consumer patterns as we return to the physical world, what's next for the industry in 2022?

Join us at this year's conference in New York and connect with fintech industry leaders, tech innovators and leading investors. The conference format includes keynote sessions, company fireside chats, thematic panel discussions and one-on-one meetings with senior management teams.

Keynote Speakers

Ed McLaughlin

Ed McLaughlin

President of Operations and Technology, Mastercard

Cuy Sheffield

Cuy Sheffield

Vice President, Head of Crypto, Visa

Dan Perlin

Dan Perlin

Payments, Processors and IT Services Analyst, RBC Capital Markets

RBC Research Analysts

Dan Perlin

Payments, Processors and IT Services Analyst

Paul Treiber

Canadian Technology Analyst

Matt Roswell

Equity Research Analyst

Garry Sherriff

Head of Australian Research and Technology Analyst

RBC Investment Banking Team


RBC Financial Technology Conference 2021

Highlights from last year's conference


What are the dates for the conference in 2023?

Dates for the 2023 conference will be released later this year.

How can I register and attend the conference?

Participation in this event is by invitation only. Please contact your RBC Capital Markets representative for additional details.

Can I receive a copy of the agenda?

The agenda is only available to registered guests.

Are company presentations available via webcast or livestream for those unable to attend?

Yes. You may obtain this information from your RBC Capital Markets representative.