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RBC Imagine™ is a global research initiative that helps you see the change drivers of tomorrow to sharpen your business thinking today. This unique platform uncovers transformational trends that will reshape our world, pinpointing their impact on key industries.

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Transformational Trends

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The Quest for Immortality

Imagine a future where biopharma breakthroughs, life science real estate, 5G, autos, consumer wellness, space exploration and more come together to increase life expectancy rates globally. Advances in molecular modeling, manufacturing scalability and other innovations are extending lifespans at an accelerated rate, and the bid to ‘cure death’ will be core to how we live and invest in the future.

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The Individual Revolution

Imagine a future where individuals have become empowered to create and consume products, services and experiences entirely suited to their personalized preferences. In this new world where the rise of decentralized finance and gene editing, among other factors, are creating a new economy around data, the balance of power is shifting away from institutions and into the hands of individuals.

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Artificial Intelligence Activated

The battleground for AI is evolving from understanding its full potential to putting its capabilities into action. Advances can reshape every industry and every individual, transforming what it means to be human in the 21st century. AI's impact on an organization’s ability to harness data and unlock new opportunities is critical for innovation and growth. Find out what it will take to make AI a critical enabler for your organization.

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Hybrid Living

Increasingly, we live, work and socialize in our homes, are educated online, receive healthcare virtually and can remain an active member of society without ever leaving the house. As augmented and virtual realities continue to evolve, powering the transformation of the internet into the metaverse, these trends will converge on hybrid living with profound consequences.

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The Great Balancing Act

An accelerating rate of change on multiple fronts has the potential to create a new era of unprecedented instability. Resources are constrained and as we make progress on sustainability, we will also need to resolve the long-standing tensions between climate conservation and population growth. Innovation will thrive and new tensions will arrive.

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