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A seismic technology shift is underway around the world.

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The Quest for Immortality: Just how far can technology push the limits of the human lifespan?

The Quest for Immortality will be fueled by advances in 5G networks and artificial intelligence.

Rural broadband connectivity — along with AI-driven real-time monitoring — has the potential to transform every industry and individual.

Healthcare is set to change beyond recognition, with a host of new innovations uniting to transform the way we treat patients and develop cures. The rise of telemedicine and connected health devices will bring immediate and democratized healthcare in a virtual form to those who struggled to access it before.

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The Individual Revolution: Which organizations will master the art of hyper-personalization?

A rapid shift to put the customer first is raising expectations for hyper-personalized, efficient, and reliable experiences through preferred channels.

A more advanced data-industrial complex represents the single greatest infrastructure opportunity over the next half century, with wide-ranging economic, social, cultural, political and national security implications.

“Under the next iteration of the internet, the metaverse, we expect the data-industrial complex to take its first real leap forward.”

Drew McReynolds
Telecommunications & Media Analyst, RBC Capital Markets


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AI Activated: How will smarter, predictive AI transform the technology sector?

AI has meaningful applications directly within technology. It will significantly improve the pace of innovation and make existing technology more powerful.

Technology companies are unlikely to truly productize general purpose AI in the next five years but will develop smarter AI systems that will become embedded within all areas of technology.

“AI, machine learning and the cloud are enabling Information Services firms to deliver predictive, actionable insights."

Ashish Sabadra
Information and Business Services Analyst, RBC Capital Markets


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Hybrid Living: Will technology break down the border between the virtual and physical world?

With video conferencing, broader availability of high-speed internet, and remote working practices, a significant portion of the population is shifting to a style of working that is untethered from the workplace.

Technology will push future workforces further from the workplace, across regions and countries. Entertainment and living platforms including food and grocery deliveries will accelerate the flight from more dense urban populations.

“Within a few generations, we believe nobody will be without their own avatar(s) in at least one virtual world.”

Drew McReynolds
Telecommunications & Media Analyst, RBC Capital Markets


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The Great Balancing Act: Can emerging technologies create a more equitable, sustainable future?

Technology will continue to play a crucial role in building a more sustainable future. It will also be at the center of future social and geopolitical issues, combating the next frontiers of cyber-warfare.

Already, some of the largest companies in the world are technology firms. They will play a crucial role in neutralizing future cyber conflicts, given their global footprint and influence.

Find out more about technology in an unpredictable world.

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