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Countdown to 2025

What will the next five years bring? We interviewed the C-suite of our Imagine2025 portfolio to find out. Watch the videos.


What will you see when you "Imagine 2025?"

When we imagine the year 2025, we see the impact of technological transformation causing collisions and disruption in every sector. Some will see this as a challenge. Others as an opportunity to evolve.

Invested in the future

Imagine 2025 is an ambitious six-month study of the disruptive forces we believe will transform the world of business. Collecting a wide range of expert research, analysis and insights, our aim is help companies plan for a less obvious future.


Experience The Research

The key to seeing the future is knowing where to look for it. Imagine 2025 sets the agenda on the Future Themes and Sector Forecasts facing companies over the next seven years. Discover what the future holds and the steps companies will need to take today to prosper tomorrow

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