Aiden - AI-Powered Trading Execution and Intelligence

Advanced AI-powered algorithm learns in real-time to help reduce slippage, minimize market impact, and help solve the Arrival Price challenge.

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Aiden is RBC’s award-winning, patented electronic trading platform. It uses deep reinforcement learning to learn and adapt to changing market conditions in real time, helping clients achieve improved trading execution quality and insights.

Next-Generation Algorithmic Performance

Aiden’s AI-based algorithms manage complex data relationships to reduce slippage against key benchmarks, including VWAP and Arrival Price, while minimizing market impact.

What Makes Aiden So Powerful?

Aiden continuously analyzes hundreds of data inputs and utilizes a robust rewards system to improve upon each action it makes and constantly optimize its performance.

Aiden anticipates and proactively adapts to dynamic market conditions using a proprietary global framework.

Deep Neural Network

Deep Neural Network

Over 200+ inputs allow Aiden to continuously learn and gain trading experience over time.

Centralized Learning

Centralized Learning

Aiden learns with every order it receives across different market events and regions.

Robust Reward System

Robust Reward System

Aiden gains awareness of its performance and post-trade performance benchmarks.


Proactive Exploration

Freedom to discover new trading patterns and take calculated actions within defined parameters.

At the Forefront of Innovation

Aiden continues to lead the way in helping clients unlock the possibilities of AI-powered technology.

AI Insights

Our latest thinking on how advanced AI technology solves today’s complex business challenges.

"Aiden is a big scientific milestone, demonstrating that new technology based on reinforcement learning can succeed in complex environments." Dr. Foteini Agrafioti Dr. Foteini Agrafioti
Head/Co-Founder | Borealis AI
“The power of AI is transformational in every sector of our society. We see that, and we see the ability to create incredible value for our customers.” Dave McKay Dave McKay
President & Chief Executive Officer | RBC

Globally Recognized AI Leadership

Harvard Business Review

“Aiden proved able to perform well during some of the more volatile market periods during the begining of the Covid-19 pandemic – conditions that are particularly tough for the predictive AIs. It was able to adapt to the changing environment, while continuing to stay close to its benchmark target.”

Kathlyn Hume (Borealis) & Matthew E. Taylor
Harvard Business Review

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Borealis AI

Aiden emerged through a collaborative effort with Borealis AI, an industry-leading artificial intelligence research institute created by RBC in 2016. Borealis AI researches, designs, and builds advanced AI products and technology that transform the future of finance in measurable and explainable ways.

Real-world scientific impact

Ethically grounded research approach

Strong client-focused partnerships

Borealis AI is Transforming the Future of Finance

  • Addressing the financial industry’s most challenging problems with cutting-edge R&D.
  • Committed to creating material value and building innovative products that solve real problems for RBC’s 17 million clients.
  • Product development and deployment grounded in research and an ethical approach to AI.
  • Close collaboration and knowledge sharing with the academic and scientific community to deliver real-world impact.

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