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Biotech IPOs: New Steps to Success on the Road to Going Public

In our launch edition of Pathfinders, we look at the best practices to follow on the road to IPO and the new predictive factors for success in today’s buoyant biopharma markets.

Key Points

  • COVID-19 has created a new roadmap for going public
  • Crossover investors are becoming even more active

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Biotech IPOs: Navigating the New Landscape

Even in a boom, biopharma executives will need to stay alert to the risks of undertaking an IPO. We look at the right steps to take and the pitfalls to avoid in today’s unique landscape.

Key Points

  • Identifying the right time to IPO based on your business model is critical
  • The criteria that governs IPO syndicate selection is evolving in today’s markets

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Vida Ventures: Powering Breakthroughs in Biopharma

Luca Issi, Senior Biotechnology Research Analyst at RBC Capital Markets, discusses the art of building biopharma breakthroughs with Arjun Goyal, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Vida Ventures.

Key Points

  • Maturation of the industry is increasing innovation and capital inflows
  • Strong science, management and investors can keep the IPO window open

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