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Inside Track: Behind the Scenes of a Major Biotech SPAC

RBC Capital Markets’ Noël Brown, Head of US Biotech Investment Banking, goes behind the scenes of one of the biggest biotech SPAC deals of the year with Nuvation Bio Founder and CEO, Dr. David Hung and Omega Funds Partner and President of its Omega Alpha SPAC, Michelle Doig. These two industry leaders at the cutting edge of biotech innovation and venture capital share how they brought Nuvation Bio’s public market vision to fruition on the latest episode of RBC’s Pathfinders podcast.

What’s Material in ESG for Biopharma Firms?

In this episode of Pathfinders, Brian Abrahams, Co-Head of Biotechnology Equity Research at RBC Capital Markets speaks with the team of ESG leads at Gilead Sciences to understand the five key components driving the company’s ESG strategy, how this strategy has evolved and how it drives business impact.

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All eyes on gene/cell therapy and rare disease innovations

Every spring, RBC Capital Markets brings together key opinion leaders across major therapeutic areas in biotech for a series of Doctor Day sessions. This year, RBC’s Biotech Equity Research Analysts hosted experts with medical specialties from rare diseases to oncology to talk about future treatments, exciting innovations and life-changing advances. Many of these health issues have little in common, but there’s one area of innovation that could help treat them all – gene and cell therapies.

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Genetic Medicine Leads a Surge of Innovation in Biotech

According to RBC’s Senior Biotech Equity Analyst, Luca Issi, genetic medicine (the delivery of genetic material as a therapeutic) has attracted record-breaking capital in Biotech with ~$150b deployed across venture, IPOs, follow-ons and M&A since 2013. For context, that compares to the GDP of a top 50-60 country worldwide.

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How the FDA’s Approval Of A New Alzheimer’s Drug Could Ripple Across the Biopharma Sector

In potentially the largest biotech event of this year, the FDA has approved Biogen’s aducanumab, an Alzheimer’s drug. RBC Capital Markets’ equity research analysts outline how this much-anticipated decision may have far-reaching effects for the industry.

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#RBCHealthcare2021: Key Takeaways from our Global Healthcare Conference

At RBC Capital Markets’ virtual Global Healthcare Conference, experts, top firms and former government officials gathered virtually to discuss a dynamic biopharma market, the rise of SPACs as a vehicle for going public, and the future of the US healthcare system.

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Is Pharma at an ESG Turning Point?

In the global push to ESG-focused investing, the Pharma sector has traditionally been challenged. But RBC Capital Markets’ Daniel Busby, Pharmaceuticals Equity Research Analyst, suggests that this may be about to change. A combination of trends, some of them yet to appear on the public radar, could lift Pharma’s ESG market reputation and create new opportunities for investment and inclusion.

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Herd Immunity Update: Global Troubles, but Almost-Normal Arrives in U.S.

While the US is returning to quasi-normality, RBC Capital Markets analysts predict that ‘true’ herd immunity will take much longer. COVID will likely spike again in winter and tackling the pandemic on a global scale remains key to eradication.

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