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The Optimism Behind the Biopharma Market

In this episode, Dr. Chen Yu, Founder and Managing Partner at TCG X and Noël Brown, Head of U.S. Biotechnology Investment Banking at RBC Capital Markets, discuss why they remain optimistic about biotech and what’s happening behind the scenes in public and private markets.

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Biopharma Looks Increasingly Attractive to Investors

In a volatile market, biotech is still an underappreciated prospect, with high innovation and defensiveness to attract investors and key upcoming events that could solidify sentiment.

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Pandemic Produced Lasting Changes in Medical Device Markets

Following RBC’s Global Healthcare Conference, BioWorld MedTech published an article about the top trends discussed that will continue to reshape healthcare and medtech.

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Outlook for Healthcare Services, IT and Devices Remains Strong

Despite macroeconomic challenges, healthcare remains a strong sector for investment. Labor headwinds and inflation may temper growth in the short term, but medium- and long-term outlooks and fundamentals remain intact.

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“Large pharma has $500B it could deploy for M&A.”

What are the challenges and opportunities for the healthcare sector post-pandemic? Where might we see innovations that drive M&A growth?

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Biotech Investors: How to Find Value in a Bear Market

How are top investors navigating the longest biotech bear market in almost 20 years?

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