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“Large pharma has $500B it could deploy for M&A.”

What are the challenges and opportunities for the healthcare sector post-pandemic? Where might we see innovations that drive M&A growth?

Biotech Investors: How to Find Value in a Bear Market

How are top investors navigating the longest biotech bear market in almost 20 years?

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Biotech Outlook 2022: Ample Opportunity for a Rebound

After an historic run in 2020, the biotech sector had a difficult year with slower activity in 2021. The pendulum, however, may be ready to swing back the other way.

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Digital Health Outlook 2022: Opportunities for the Discerning Investor

The digital health market was challenging in 2021, despite the broader macro demand remaining very healthy. While the long term opportunity is clear, the sector is maturing and evolving, which makes it more difficult to pinpoint which strategies or vendors will prevail.

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Global Blood Therapeutics on tackling orphan disease

What does it take to tackle the most perplexing orphan diseases? Ted W. Love, M.D., President and CEO, Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT), speaks with RBC Capital Markets’ Senior Biotechnology Analyst Gregory Renza, M.D. about having a mission and the drive to succeed on this episode of Pathfinders.

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