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The pandemic transformed technology from important to indispensable. We saw years of behavioural change in just months. Join our experts to explore what's next for technology and how this will impact the way we live, work and invest.

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"The most exciting investments in AI/ML/DL are where the physical world meets the non-physical."

Where is technology taking us? What are the investment opportunities? Which areas show potential as we emerge from the pandemic? Sasson Darwish, Head, Infrastructure Software, AI, IoT, and Digital Media Investment Banking explores these topics and more.

"We think there'll be more Fintech SPACs than Fintech IPOs in the next 12 months."

Jason Gurandiano, Global Head of Financial Technology Investment Banking at RBC Capital Markets, answers questions such as: Where have we seen winners and losers in the payment space during the pandemic? What's driving growth? Will this change post pandemic?

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Banks have real opportunities ahead in crypto, B2B, and omnichannel payments

Experts and innovators at RBC’s FinTech Conference 2021 were excited about future expansion in the banking industry. Crypto is growing up, digital transformation continues to pick up the pace, and there’s value down the line for banks with the right fintech partners.

Redefining the Future of Payments

In an exclusive conversation with Dave McKay, CEO of RBC, Ajay Banga shares his insights on leading Mastercard in a post-pandemic world.

Perspectives from our Research Analysts

Software Takes Center Stage for Autos

Much of investors’ focus in Auto Tech has thus far been on electrification and autonomous, and rightfully so. However, increasingly investors may shift their focus to software-enabled platforms and the opportunities they present. Equity Analyst Joseph Spak, CFA, explores potential investment opportunities in his report “RBC Capital Markets 2021 Auto Tech Bus Tour” published on June 4, 2021.

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COVID recovery and consumer change boosts the POS evolution

RBC’s sixth annual, and second virtual, Fintech Conference hosted 32 public and private companies with a very positive outlook as the economic recovery post-COVID takes hold.

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FinTech Firms Analyze Their Post-Pandemic Future

Ahead of RBC Capital Markets’ Fintech Conference 2021, Dan Perlin, Managing Director of Payments, Processors and IT Services Research, takes a look back at the last 18 months and outlines the burning questions for the FinTech industry as the economy reopens. Which companies are seeing their growth accelerate? And who will be the winners in the fast-growing Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) sector?

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Ransomware Attacks May Accelerate Security Software Transformation

The ransomware attack against the Colonial Pipeline and other high-profile breaches may force organizations to swiftly re-evaluate their network security infrastructures. Our Software Research Analyst Matthew Hedberg explores how this transformation may impact the security software sector in his research report “Security Software Implications from the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Incident,” published on May 10, 2021.

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2021 Outlook: Payments, Processing and IT Services

Dan Perlin, Payments, Processing and IT Services analyst, examines how the disruption in mobile payments and processing may accelerate growth for the sector.

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Can the Software Sector Duplicate Its Breakout Year?

The pandemic-led digital transformation may set the stage for another strong year for enterprise software vendors. Matthew Hedberg, Software Analyst, explores the outlook for the software sector and what’s to come in 2021.

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