Episode 2

Frank Fannon: Power plays – energy diplomacy under Biden or Trump

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Key Points

  • The next President’s diplomacy toward OPEC will impact global oil supply
  • A Trump or Biden administration may determine the fate of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and other infrastructure projects
  • Re-starting oil exports is key to fostering economic stability in Libya
  • The next administration’s approach to the bitter U.S.-China trade war will impact the direction of trade policy and the future of our global supply chain
  • COVID-19 and ESG investing has accelerated clean energy programs and the need for mineral mining best practices

Required Conflicts Disclosures

“No one wants to have to make the choice between investing with the U.S. or investing with Russia.”

- Frank Fannon, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State



“While our companies invest to see both a return for the U.S. and a benefit for the host country, that’s just not the case with China.”

- Frank Fannon, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State



This discussion with Frank Fannon is part of the series “Beyond the Ballot with Helima Croft.” To listen to the next virtual session live, or for more information about Helima Croft’s research report “Quick Take: Assistant Secretary of State Fannon” authored on July 30, 2020, please contact your RBC representative.

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